Watch out for the trees!

A person walks into a tree.  “Oh! It’s a tree!”

Changing direction, the person soon walks into another tree.  “Oh! It’s another tree!”

The person changes direction again and walks into yet another tree.  “Oh! It’s another tree!”

Over and over again the person changes direction and walks into one tree after another, becoming more and more frustrated as they try to move along.

Finally, the person stops,takes a deep breath and looks around …

“Oh! I’m in the middle of a forest!”


When you begin to learn an instrument, when you start working on a new piece, be sure to open your eyes and your ears to go beyond the note that is immediately in front of you.  Don’t you think that if the person walking into the trees had known they were in a forest that all of those trees would have made more sense? It’s the same with the music you’re learning to play.  Note by note the music might not be recognizable to you and it might not make any sense at all.  Once you feel the music, however, all of those little notes will be right at home.


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