How Do I Make You Practice?

Often, when I get inquiries about lessons, and when students first start, they want to know how long it will take before they can play a song.  Sometimes they even have a specific song in mind. My answer … It depends on you.

Learning music independently, from a private music teacher, is not like playing sports and having a coach demanding that you’re there every practice and demanding that you work hard.  If you don’t do what the coach wants, you sit on the bench.  How do I make you sit on the bench?

Learning music from a private music teacher is not like taking a class in school. If you don’t do the assignments and projects and you don’t do well on the quizzes and exams, you could flunk the class. What happens if you don’t practice what I ask you to? It’s not like you’re getting a grade when you study with me. How do I flunk you?

Learning music from a private music teacher is not like having a job. If you have a job and don’t do what your boss asks, you could get fired.  How do I fire you?

Quite frankly, I don’t want to fire you, and I don’t want to flunk you, and I certainly don’t want you to sit on the bench (quit).

I want you to have fun making music!  Isn’t that why you started?

Will you make progress if the only time you get that fiddle out of the case is when you come to a lesson? Well, yes you will, but it will be so-o-o-o-o-o-o slow. Why is that? The more you practice, the more you do anything, the better you get at it, and you get there faster than if you did nothing. When you practice, even a little, it helps you remember those things you were taught. Then, when you come to the next lesson, you’re not stumbling around trying to remember everything.

Why do students get frustrated when they try to play? Because they haven’t practiced enough.  You have to give yourself a chance! Help yourself out!

I want you to have fun making music!  I want you to be excited when you come to lessons because you’re going to learn a new piece. I want you to be able to play that song you dreamed about, or I want you to just be able to play because you just like violin.

You can get there faster if you practice more.  So —

How do I make you practice?




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