Arkansas Champs

Arkansas State Old Time Fiddlers Contest

Grand Champions

Arkansas State Old Time Fiddlers Contest Grand Champions

Ray Wade Trophy Ozark Folk Center AR Grand Champions 1977 – 1985

2012 Douglas Thompson

2011 Brandon Apple

2010 Douglas Thompson

2009 Jake Duncan

2008 Junior Marriott

In 2008 the Arkansas State Old Time Fiddlers Contest was opened to out-of-state contestants

2007 Tim Trawick

2006 Will Bush

2005 Babette Allen

2004 Chanley Painter

2003 Charlotte Crosmer

2002 John Baird

1998 Mike Yell

1994 Mike Yell

1989 Mike Yell

1988 Todd Cook

1987 Tim Crouch

1986 Wayne Massengale

1985 Tim Crouch (Sept. 28)

1984 Evan Green (Sept. 29)

1983 Bob Atchison (Sept. 24)

1982 Scotty Branscum (Sept. 25)

1981 Frank Ellis (Sept. 26)

1980 Ken Sloan (Sept. 27)

1979 Kay L. Trawick (Sept. 29)

1978 Tim Crouch (Sept. 30)

1977 Tim Crouch (May 27)

1949 Fiddling Tommy Henderson (won for about 15 years in a row)

1928 Uncle Bob Larkan (Larkin)

1927 Uncle Bob Larkan (Larkin)


Other winners include: Brandon Apple, Jerry Hodge, Paul Andrews, Henry Matthews, John Baird, Chris Peterson

Thank you Tim Crouch, Jonathan Trawick, Mike Yell, Tommy Henderson Jr., Marty Elmore, Bob and Linda Sutton

Please contact me if you have any information.



Arkansas Champs — 2 Comments

  1. Yes I read about all of these fiddle players who have won but nobody thought to mention Shaun Sheridan winning The Junior Championship 1991, 1992, and 1993 a d the Grandmasters in 1996.

    • Thank you for your comments. Several years ago a friend and I were talking about the Arkansas State Fiddle Champions and we wondered just who all the champions were. This list of Arkansas Grand Champions was created when we found out that the computer that housed that list of champions had crashed. We were told that someone would be working to recreate that list. I don’t know if that was ever done. But in the meantime, we decided to attempt to recreate the list so that, if nothing else, all the names wouldn’t be lost. As you can see by the list, there are several names missing. We decided to put this list on my website hoping that we could get some help, and we have received a little, but this list of grand champions is far from complete.

      It’s not that we didn’t think to mention Shaun Sheridan, but there are no junior or senior champions on this list. This list only shows the grand champions of Arkansas, and that was in response to the questions we had many years ago about who won. This list has nothing to do with the Grand Masters either.

      You might want to contact the officials of the Arkansas State Fiddle Championship to see if they have recreated the lists of champions. I would like to see them if they are available.

      Again, thank you for your comments.


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